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For 14 hours yesterday I dissected the program Blender, an open source 3D Modeling and Animation software.  My eyes are sore from the long day of un-disturbed focus.  Thanks to the time put in, though, I know have a decent grasp on geometric modeling with 3D software.

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 10.51.51 AMIt doesn’t take much to make something unique or beatfiful.  Remeber, the digital world was built on 1’s and 0’s.  Snowflakes are some of the most beautifully designed products in nature and can be understood with simple geometry  Therefore with my fundamental knowledge in shape manipulation I was able to expand and detract from one basic cylinder this design I dreamed up. It has no utility, but is simply art.

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 10.52.27 AMStarting with a cylinder I expanded it into a barrel shape and then checkered it with holes to give it a honey comb type look.  It is difficult to see from the angles I have here, but the figure is actually an inward spiraling spring.  Therefore – if made out of plastic or a flexible metal – it will bounce when tapped on its top.

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 11.29.42 AMThe aspect of this software that I found most mindblowing is that there is no detail to small to include.  Imagine if you had a construction team of one man who was 50 feet tall, one 25, one 10, one 5, and all the way down to fractions of a millimeter.  Just like how they would be able to construct everything from the largest pillar to a granular detail, it is easy and possible with this type of software to have that same ability.Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 11.02.51 AM

The last thing I learned is that this type of skill is how all our favorite cartoons are being made.  Shrek, Up, Walle, ect…they are all 3D renderings brought to life with animation.  By the end of the week I’m going to have spent a day working on with animation to see what I can pick up, but for now I’m going to go into 3D sculpting so that I can build more customized models.


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