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linen-suits-for-men_12When I talk to people about minimalism they often understand it as a rejection of materialism.  This is only partly true – the reason being that the only thing I’ve become adverse to is the constant accumulation in consumer society.  Now that I only have 32 articles of clothing and very few possessions doesn’t mean that I have any negative emotions for material goods – it’s simply a dedicated mentality of quality over quantity.

tailored-shirtsThe reason I say this is because I love clothes and other consumer products.  And the few that I do own I care very much about.  If I’m only going to own one pair of dress shoes, two pairs of jeans, or one pair of chinos, I better really, really like them.

That is why when it came to organizing my wardrobe I decided to go bespoke.  While I knew that the world of denim could supply me with a perfect fit and style, as well as the folks at Allen Edmond’s, I had yet to find a brand that made shirts and pants I could wear comfortably on a daily basis – and always look put together.  I felt out a couple companies, but the one which gave me the most personalized product, warm service, and reasonable price was Blank Label.

Blank Label provides custom made clothing at the same price you pay for off the rack items.  Since they have an office right down on Newbury St, Boston, I was able to show up one day and get measured for a dress shirt and pair of chinos.  Within two weeks they were on my door step.  The fit wasn’t exactly where I wanted it, so they happily made alterations at no extra cost.  And now, I have perfectly fitted shirts and chinos.

photo-37-2It is definitely more of a time investment than traditional shopping, but here is the greatest perk (for me).  Unless Cinnabon becomes a staple in my diet or someone throws miracle-grow into my morning smoothies, I can get perfectly fitted clothes made to order.  Therefore, the next time I need a new shirt, pair of pants, jacket, or whatever, I can just give Blank Label a call – pick the fabric, color, style, everything – and have them ship the garment wherever in the world I might be.

It is important to dress well, and a bullet proof strategy to doing so is only buying clothes that were meant for you.  Even if you have no interest in being a wardrobe minimalist but instead shop like it’s going out of style (…), I’d recommend giving Blank Label a shot.  It is personalized service for personalized products at the same cost of the impersonal retail experience we are all too familiar with.

[Click here to check out the site]


One comment on “Shop Like a Millionaire Without the Millions: Dressing Well with Less, for Less

  1. Suzy Tepper says:

    Thanks Sebastian!


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