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There have been a few times I’ve written about nostalgia (and I predict there will many more).  In short, everything about nostalgia fascinates me.  Especially because I feel it so strongly with eras in history that I have not even the slightest connection to.  Constantly I find myself going out of my way to embody qualities or mannerisms of time periods which I never lived.  There is just something attractive to me about things that are old and worn which evokes an unidentified but strong sense of admiration – in a way that makes me want to give off a similar impression.

Anyways, just the other week I came across a style of music that I’ve quickly developed a love for.  It brings an eerie sound of old swing music together with modern day electronic beats, and has been simply enough been named Electroswing.  For me, I cannot keep my foot from tapping when I hear it, which soon takes over my entire body.  Check it out, it is very, very cool.

Here are 3 of my favorite Electroswing songs listed in order of my liking (my favorite being first) – hope you enjoy it!


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