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Man holding fortune cookiesIt is more often than not that I can be found contemplating the most pressing issues that face humanity.  I often throw myself into heated debates over such issues as world hunger, healthcare, or the future of America’s educational system.  However, there is one topic that has caused me the most sleepless nights.  One that has caused me to toss and turn in tortuous wonder of how such a thing is possible without sorcery.  This topic – which has riddled families and friends at meal times for decades – is the age old question of, “how the hell do they get the fortune in fortune cookies?!”

We’ve all been troubled by this question. “Do they slip the fortune in after it’s cooked?”, “maybe it’s a special paper that can be baked!”, “or do they flash fry it?” – only to soon give up and pray that your lucky number is on the back of that majestic slip of paper.  However, earlier today I decided I had had enough.  I decided that I was going to finally conquer this mystery once and for all.  So, I got a tall iced coffee, turned on my workout playlist, and then dared to Google search, “how do they put the fortune in fortune cookies?”

After what felt like hours of research…but was only a 43 second YouTube video…the code was cracked.  This is how it works:

FortuneCookieFactory2-7174571) Fortune cookies are made mostly out of flour and sugar, which is mixed together with some other basic ingredients and cooked into a flat and thin pancake.

2) They are then slightly cooled to a temperature that allows them to still be malleable, where a cookie folding expert then lays a fortune in the middle and folds the cookie into its unique shape.

3) Once folded with the fortune inside, they are left to fully cool to room temperature so that the sugars can solidify.  The cookie is then ready for packaging and shipment to the US – where it soon after blows the mind of an American who is both bewildered by how such a feat is possible, as well as enlightened by the wisdom they contain.

Fortune cookies are kind of indicative of life.  We often receive a surge of hope and enthusiasm for our futures from some impersonal and generic quote before complaining immediately after how bland and stale our lives are.  But anyways, mystery solved – fortune cookies aren’t as magical as we all thought after all.



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