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0A9A8677The title says it all – every once in a while I take a seat to reflect critically upon my life and say to myself, “WOW…I’m a spoiled shit”.  Well, at least that is what I did when having a private dinner at a Sicilian Vineyard near the base of a live Volcano earlier this evening.  Just a stones throw away from Taormina, this private Vineyard has been in the De Luca family for more generations than I have fingers.  And on the property there is a villa/winery, a castle, and they grow their own fruits, tea, and grapes (naturally).

0A9A8673Their main grapes are Muscadet and Pinot Noir and the production facility is OLD FASHION.  That means that they produce wine the way every kid has ever dreamed of – they stomp the juice out with their bare feat.  It’s in not a massive winery, though they do distribute internationally.  Only a few thousands cases per year are bottled after being aged in their French Oak barrels.

0A9A8740But as much as that talk excites me, I know it is boring for most.  What was truly spectacular about the experience was touring the property and facility.  The reason being that there are somethings that only heritage can deliver.  Things that can only a bloodline can pass down to be preserved and truly appreciated.  And this vineyard was a definitive example of both authenticity and legacy.

0A9A8712Every piece of furniture, every finishing, the art work, artifacts, tiles, and all else were true.  It fit.  One couldn’t build a home like this.  For such a place exists out of character manifested over the hundreds of years it has stood as much as it is exists out of material.  And that cannon be replicated.

0A9A8713Regardless, we [my family] had a fantastic time.  A private dinner on a Sicilian Vineyard’s patio overlooking the Mediterranean with the whole family…what could have been bad?

An old fashion towel warmer set into the heater.

An old fashion towel warmer set into the heater.

The Wine room [which is inside the villa]

The Wine room [which is inside the villa]

My Sister with a backdrop of the Mediterranean

My Sister with a backdrop of the Mediterranean

National Geographic's from the 1930's!!!  I love that stuff

National Geographic’s from the 1930’s!!! I love that stuff

Me in the aging room.

Me in the aging room.

Young Grapes

Young Grapes


One comment on “Sometimes I Sit Back and Think “WOW…I’m a Spoiled S***”

  1. Rosemary Spellacy says:

    This is beautifully written!! Enjoy your trip!!


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