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0A9A8846I’m again in transit, and tonight find myself in Rome with an 11-hour layover.  Inexpensive flights are not at all hard to come by…you just need to be ready for lengthy layovers.  And with 11 hours to spare and no checked luggage, I’m off into the city.

I’m writing this from the train, which is surprisingly clean and comfortable.  It’s comical how I, and many others, often psyche ourselves out about performing the most simple tasks.  For me, this was taking the train from the airport to Rome.  My entire flight I leaned back and forth in debate on whether or not it was wise, responsible, worthwhile, practical, and other concerns not worth mentioning to take the train into Rome for the night.  The only reason being that I was not sure, since I do not speak Italian, if I could figure it out.

Trivi Fountain

Trivi Fountain

Mind you, this is a train from an international airport into one of the world most famous, and internationally visited, cities.  Fortunately, I decided that I would try to figure it out after landing – since 11 hours in the sterile environment of an airport would result in nothing but Duty Free shopping and gastronomic catastrophe.

Upon exiting the plane I soon remembered what I had told my mother at 13-years-old when I first flew on my own, “don’t worry Mom, airports are designed for idiots!”  And thank god for that, because the nerves I had built up in anticipation for seeking a train into the city most definitely made me feel like an idiot.


Spanish Steps

A thick cartoon rendition of a moving train was posted no further than 15 yards from the exit terminal, to the left of it an arrow, below it in bold caps read, “TRAIN”.  Within 10 minutes I had a ticket in hand and was boarding the next train to Rome.

I’ve never been here…in fact this is my first hour on the main land of Italy.  With only 8 hours to spare (giving time for transport and check-in), I have compiled a short bucket-list by which I will spend my time in Rome.

0A9A88481)    Visit the Trivi Fountain

2)    Sit on the Spanish Steps

3)    NOT see the Coliseum (I just feel like it would be a conversation starter)

4)    NOT get pick pocketed

5)    And hopefully take a shower at some point…but that may be pushing it.

…..Well it turns out I couldn’t find an internet connection until the next morning [now], so the pictures in the post are the ones I was able to take while completing my list.  After getting off the train I was able to find a cheap bed to sleep in at the Downtown Hostel (€20)- the top bunk in an 8 bed room.  Personally, I love hostels.  And am always proved wrong whenever I start to buy into the negative views that are so widely held against them.  Unfortunately none of my roommates were headed in my direction, or else I may had found some travel buddies right out of the gates.

On the Spanish Steps

On the Spanish Steps


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