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0A9A8898About 36 hours ago I thought that it would be cool to visit Athens…now I’m in Athens.  After my 8 hour excursion in Rome, during which I did complete my humble bucket-list, another two hour flight landed me in the heart of history.  The country where, literally, humanity can pay tribute for the modern world.  Philosophy, mythology, mathematics, and more, they were incubated here.

Once again I’m on the move, though fortunately had a whole day and evening in the city.  And I spent it as I do any place I’m on my own in; walking.  Up and around the Acropolis, to the Parthenon, the old white village, and every nook and ally my feet could find.  Though quite dirty, Athens is truly a great city.  One where the rich history from its many centuries has effects on and inspires the everyday flow of life.

0A9A8881There are two main things though that I feel are worth noting.  This excludes the monuments, for they are magnificent.  And if given the opportunity are a worthy excursion.  The first is about how affordable the city is.  And the second not really about the city at all…but AirBnB.

Have you even found something that is so underpriced you just want to buy it because?  Well, that is the ENTIRE city of Athens.  It is by far the most affordable place to shop that I have ever traveled to (rivaling western China!).  If I ever need a new wardrobe in my life I’m not going to waste time bargain hunting online or in outlets.  I’m going to book myself a flight to Athens, knock everything out in two hours and then hit the beach.  At least twenty times today I was reaching for my wallet to dish out cash for simple stuff just because the price was so low it all felt free – but I didn’t, luckily.  So for your future reference, if you ever need to shop, shop in Athens.

0A9A8899Secondly, AirBnB is a company handed down by the Gods themselves.  It is spectacular.  Mind you, I booked a ticket to Athens the night before the day I was leaving, and all hotels and hostels had hiked up last minute prices.  Therefore I checked out AirBnB, which is why right now I’m sitting in a one-bedroom apartment with a private bathroom, kitchen, dinning room, living room, internet, laundry in unit, and located just a mile north of the Acropolis for $30 a night.  YES, one-bedroom apartment with a private bathroom, kitchen, dinning room, living room, internet, laundry in unit, and located just a mile north of the Acropolis for $30 a night.  It doesn’t get better that…seriously.

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Above is a gallery of the apartment.  And here is a link for AirBnB.  Enjoy the pictures and if I can find internet tomorrow I’ll let you know wherever I end up.


One comment on “My Private Apartment in Athens: AirBnB is the BEST THING EVER

  1. Dione says:

    There is NOTHING like the Grecian Sky!


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