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0A9A9012I can’t.  I just can’t.  Neither am I a skilled enough photographer or writer to appropriately share the beauty of Santorini.  It is stunning, jaw dropping, eye popping, visually orgasmic…I’m really at a loss for words – speechless.


A poor attempt of mine to stitch together a Panorama

In Greek mythology it’s common to hear of the gods coming down from the heavens to mess around or interact with mortals.  And after just a few days in Greece I believe it, because if I was a God, this really would be the only part of the world I’d bother coming down to.

A hotel nesteled into the cliff side

A hotel nesteled into the cliff side

Waking up this morning late after a whole night partying in Fira, I walked out of my room to another flawless day.  Today was my only full day on the island.  And I wanted to make sure I’d leave having explored the place.  So, I rented a moto-bike and took off.

DCIM100GOPROFor an island that is no more than 20km long, I clocked in over 60km.  From Fira to the black sand beaches of Perissa for a swim, along the dirt roads of the eastern beach shore, to the cliffs of Oia for a meal, and the highest tip of the island at Moni Profitou.  I rode all day – till my body was baked by the sun and crusted white from the salty ocean air.

Oia Residential

Oia Residential

Tomorrow I’m gone, hopping north to Ios – a more affordable and universally known party hub.  But for Santorini, I’ll be back.


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