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0A9A9025-2Soon after arriving to the Cyclades I realized I hadn’t packed appropriately – meaning I only own two tank tops.  If I had known what I know now, I would have brought five tanks, two swim trunks, one pair of thongs, and some medicine to help with hangovers.  Honestly, that is all that is necessary.  While in Santorini it didn’t feel as important to dress the part, but as of now I’m in Ios…and an alteration to the wardrobe was necessary.  Luckily I never found time to go shopping before last nights outing.  Because how I ended up accumulating new tanks was much more fun than a retail run.

So last night I hooked up with a group of six Aussie girls to go out for the night.  We were all staying at the same hostel, but they had already been here a few days and knew the ropes.  So after an ambitious pre-game we decided to hit the town at 1:30am – mind you, sunrise here is a reminder that the party is HALF over.  Up the white steps into the town of Chora we walked, falling up the slope on each step.

One of the Aussies brought a GoPro

One of the Aussies brought a GoPro

Where tank tops became a relevant item though was at the bars (all the bars), where if you buy seven shots, they give you a complimentary tank.  And even better, seven shots in Ios costs only €20, even though one shot in Ios usually costs €1…pretty much you’re paying €13 for a shirt along with a cheap round.  Luckily for me, the girls had already been on a shirt quest around the town.

I bought the first round for our group, which came out to a perfect seven, and proudly ripped off the shirt I was wearing to sport my new tank.  Throughout the night we ended up running to about four or five different bars, each of which one of the girls bought a round of shots and dedicated to me the tank top.  By the time we were walking back to our hostel around 8:00am, my new shirt collection formed around me a skirt, each one partially stuffed into the waist band of my trunks and swinging freely.

She asked them to light the bar on they did.

She asked them to light the bar on fire…so they did.

In the spirit of my minimalism I’ve kept to the creed and did get rid of an equal amount of regular T’s this morning.  Fortunately I neither liked the look, nor found comfortable, the white T’s I had had for the past few months.  And my Ios tank collection was to attractive a replacement to dismiss.

Ios was a pit stop.  I showed up yesterday, got 2 hours of sleep before the receptionist banged my door open asserting that we had slept through the check-out time and would be charged an additional night if we didn’t rush off, and am leaving this afternoon at 4pm.

DCIM101GOPROThere are high-speed ferries and dreadfully slow ferries one can take when Island hopping – the price between the two not being that dramatic of a difference either.  For me though, I opt for the slow ferries…in transit is the only times I’ve found rest, which I’ve been awfully lacking of.


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