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0A9A9866There is a certain level of uncertainty associated with any strong opinion that can only be alleviated when reaffirmed by others.  Whenever I am too excited about something, I’m equally timid to share my enthusiasm. Out of uncertainty on whether or not I judged an experience in a way that others would find equal meaning from.

I say this because I am now back in Budapest and both Dallas and Micky have become equally captured by the city as me.  And them feeling so has made it even more attractive to me.  It is beautiful, clean, affordable, cultural, and fun – but most of all unique.  A place where a gem is hidden on every street.  The outdoor bars and restaurants give of a trendy and rugged impression, making a person feel as though they are apart of a scene.  It is very, very cool here.

0A9A9885While on our train to Budapest from Split I began thinking about how intimate of an experience travel is.  And that what’s learned about a persons true being after months of dating can more effectively be learned after only a week of travel.  On the road there is little or no privacy.  And a sense of adventurism that encourages a person to give up more of them-self than commonly made public.  It’s because travelers must trust one another – and the most common way to test someone’s trust worthiness is to confide in them.

The value I find most in travel is not the destination, it’s while in transit.  Those long hours where I may stare out of a train, plane, or automobile window with little more company than my own opaque reflection.  Staring back at me as aimlessly as I at it.  It is during that down time, where I’m able to travel by both body and mind, that I cherish my privilege the most.

0A9A9890When in such situations amongst others it seems nearly impossible to avoid such introspective dialogues.  Everyone trying to not seem overly eager to share secrets about themselves, but willingly do so in exchange for those of others.  It’s a voyeuristic game in which participants play with each other but against themselves.  And slowly chip away at their inner wall that protects both ego and self-image.

Looking back over my trip I split it into two periods; a solo period and an accompanied period.  Both are absolutely unique and valuable experiences.  And between the two I could not choose one.  Because I believe it is equally important to have time to learn about yourself as it is to learn about others.  And there infinite lessons to be learned in both situations.

– Sepp

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