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0A9A0015I feel as though my trip is already over.  With only three nights remaining, my mind has become wholly consumed with the idea of having to return to a classroom.  And that daunting thought has greatly distracted me from the present.  I notice it in my attitude – I’m just not as there as I was earlier in my travels.

0A9A0029Back when I kayaked, the rule when giving directions was “point positive”.  This means that you’d never point towards danger, but only towards the direction a person should go.  The reason being that people usually head towards where their attention is focused – even when that focus is on avoiding something.  Just like why it is important to keep your eyes on the road when driving – even though you wouldn’t want to steer off the road, focusing off to the side may lead you to doing so.

0A9A0041I’ve always found this to be as valuable in thought as action.  That focusing on what you want to do, or where you want to be in life, makes achievement exponentially more probable and attainable.  Expending energy on the things that may deter me from my life goals would only delay, and likely deter, me from reaching them.

0A9A0038My trip already feels over because I didn’t point positive.  I allowed myself to dread, and imagine ways to avoid, being once again in a classroom.  And by doing so I feel as though I’m already there.  Now, with my mind elsewhere, I feel like I have less to say about the places I’m visiting, nights I go out, and people I meet.

0A9A0032I’m now in Prague.  A city where the only thing that seems illegal is following the law.  I’ve always been very liberal with what I write on this blog.  However sharing what takes place in Prague seems to close to the cliffs edge for me.  The opportunity to pop in and out of Absinth bars amongst the regime worn 16th century buildings can lead one to discovering the wildest of amusements.  Ones that even we found ourselves to timid to fully commit to.

0A9A0056What a person isn’t able to find in the city they may easily discover beneath it.  For even the most modest of businesses may be the entrance to intricate tunnel networks.  All of which rely on vice for profit.

An old friend of mine, Kuba, lives just outside the city.  And today he was kind enough to come into town and give us a more proper city tour than the one we designed our-self.  Tonight we are staying in his town, just 40 minutes north of the city, and I image it will be a more low key experience that we need very much.

0A9A9956– Sepp





One comment on “Prague, Czech Republic: A Lawless City

  1. debra Scholl says:

    So sorry that you have to return to reality. We’re on our way to edinburgh returning to London on Thursday. Looking forward to seeing you then (unless you can’t give up being with the girls).

    Sent from my iPad


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