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0A9A0068Walking around Berlin is an experience unlike any I’ve had before.  Boutique clothing stores, mega malls, anarchist colonies, apocalyptic parks, modern mansions, and limitless cuisine – on one street you think you’re in a futuristic city, the next as though the end is near.  However, as much as I’d like to take on the challenge of describing Berlin, this post is of another topic.

I visited the Berlin Wall today.  Right next to the river by Check Point Charlie – an allied checkpoint where you can still get your passport stamped.  On the inside of the wall (the side facing west Berlin) there were graffiti murals.  Beautiful ones too.  But I much more preferred what the other side showed.  It was a gallery of walls on the wall.  Showing the many other walls of the world built for political separation.  All the way from the Gaza Strip to Tijuana, the enormous pictures depicted a dark reality that is little thought of.

0A9A0108Today I felt much more visual than verbal.  I didn’t have much to say, but a lot I wanted to share.  So I made this photo gallery from the Berlin wall.  Each picture is of either Dallas, Micky, or I staring into the other wall pictures posted on the Berlin Wall.  I hope you enjoy them.

0A9A0124 0A9A0128 0A9A0122 0A9A0154 0A9A0151 0A9A0146 0A9A0142 0A9A0136 0A9A0133 0A9A0170 0A9A0165 0A9A0162 0A9A0160– Sepp

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