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0A9A1457It’s difficult to articulate moments in which you had nothing to say.  Experiences where every element was so well balanced a single word would have disrupted the harmony.  It’s rare I come across such moments.  When I do though, my mind becomes consumed with dreaming of ways to share them.

0A9A1486This morning my British literature class was conducted as a class should be.  We walked streets and loitered on curbs of those neighborhoods where the most celebrated authors once lived.  And a name was not mentioned unless it had a tangible meaning to us at that moment.  Being where we were, stories of authors like T.S. Elliot and Virginia Woolf were told while their historical memories loomed like ghosts.

0A9A1514Around noon my friend and I took the tube to Richmond.  Her name’s Sarah.  Earlier in the week she spoke to me about the color of the leaves, and that this specific area was enchanting.  So enchanting, she wanted to go back.  And I’m too grateful that she invited me.

0A9A1556The impromptu picnic is a favorite of mine.  There are no times where fruit, crackers, and cheese are not enhancements.  Above the bank on a narrowed stretch of the Thames we snacked as colorful boats bobbed in the water that sparkled as magnificent as gold sequin.  An old man sat near us – playing and singing the electric guitar through a radio sounding speaker.  He was calm – and often missed pitches and chords in a way that was endearing and authentic.

0A9A1552He played by himself, except for a back up choir of crying seagulls.  And in-between numbers enjoyed lengthy breaks to smoke long and white cigarets.  There was nothing real about him.  His character was distant from the world but integral to the scene – a scene that held beauty and uniqueness to that of the cracks in a perfectly baked loaf of bread.


If I were to try describing this afternoon to you in person, I would do so with little more than a long sigh.  The stresses that weigh on me every day are ones self inflicted, but even they couldn’t find me by the river in Richmond.  Everything felt right.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and short video.



(My Video skills are in desperate need of improvement)

– Sepp

2 comments on “Capturing the Moments When You Had Nothing to Say

  1. steve rhodes says:

    Hi Bass, It’s Steve Rhodes. Your blog is great, and I really enjoy reading it and seeing the photos. You are the gold standard that I hope my kids can be close to someday, although your upbringing and parenting models were so unique, that I don’t think I’ll get such good results.

    Jessica wants to subscribe to your blog, how can she do that? Can you send her a link/invite?

    Look forward to diving with you when you are back in Miami. Had a great dive last week, speared lots of good fish and had an encounter with a huge moray eel and a big hammerhead shark swam by the boat right before we jumped in.

    Best Wishes, Steve


    1. Thank you Steve! There should be a field on the homepage where you can subscribe with an email address – or follow me on Twitter which is updated with every new post. Hope all is well!


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