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0A9A1645-2I really, really love halloween.  It’s a day where ANYTHING goes.  The codes of conduct we live our everyday lives by can be forgotten without repercussions.  And people feel comfortable getting wild.  Life is so much more fun when creativity is aggressively encouraged – and on halloween it’s boundless.

Personally, I don’t find the point of dressing up like Superman or a ghost.  How could I waste an opportunity to be anything/anyone I want on that?  Instead, I try wearing a different lifestyle.  Suiting up in an outfit that changes how people view me – and how I view myself.  If I do a good job, the people around me aren’t sure if I’m dressed up for halloween, or if that’s just…me.

1384290_10151976586316900_1864543635_nI like many types of music, but 90’s grunge/punk rock has my heart.  The music, outfits, attitude, and culture – it truly animates me.  But I never seemed to be able to commit to it growing up.  And to this day often feel urged to just go for it…almost two decades late.

This halloween I gave it a go.  Threw up my hair, studded some clothes, pierced me ear with a cork-board pin, and tatted up (with a pen…)  And I loved it – I haven’t the slightest clue why, but I felt way more comfortable in that get-up than I do in my street wear.


If I had to give it a guess – why it was so exhilarating wearing that outfit – I’d say it’s because at that moment in time I was wearing EXACTLY what I wanted to wear, and presenting myself to the world EXACTLY how I wanted to be seen.  Too often do I temper my eccentric urges to make sure that I don’t offend people who I don’t care about, and who don’t care about me.  While such precaution is encouraged, I find it suffocative.

Most people find comfort in knowing that people care about them; however, I take relief in understanding that people don’t care about me.  My favorite moments this past weekend were not spent at parties.  They were the in-between moments where I was walking around London by myself, fully punk’d out, and realizing that everybody could care less about me – and that I am free to act, look, and behave any way I want.


The world would be more fun if everyday was halloween.

– Sepp

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