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0A9A1784Before I publish anything or have a piece get published I ask myself one question. “What if my Grandmother were to read this?” Luckily…I have a really cool Grandmother.

If you believe that sex is love, you won’t enjoy this article. So just to make sure we are all on the same page, here are the rules I’m playing by:

1) Sex is sex 
2) Love is love 
3) Love makes sex better, but to never confuse one for the other is a worthy goal 
4) And if you’re clean, who cares?

Unless you are dating the person you lost your virginity to, it’s likely that a partner has asked you the question, “How many girls/guys have you slept with?” Whatever the true number is, guys usually multiply it by three and girls usually divide it by three.

Some people flaunt their number as if it were a Klout score, while others refuse to tell – whether the reason is discretion or embarrassment.

A person’s number can be a fun fact to know about them, but it should only be regarded as a fun fact. Why? Because at the end of the day, only jealous and insecure people actually care about someone else’s number.

In a natural state, all men are sluts (some just refuse to accept it). And throughout history, this has been true. Whether it’s with a guy or girl, healthy men always have wanted, and always will want, to have as much sex as possible.

While girls are, on average, more emotional about sex than guys, they have just as wild of sex drives as men do – if not more! Women want sex; men want sex…so WHY THE HELL would a guy ever shame a girl for having slept around?

The stereotypical idea men have of a “good girl” is one who hasn’t slept with many people. Because of this, most girls believe that to be “good,” they should bottle up their urges for an inevitable midlife crisis…or simply lie.

And, hypocritically, while we guys promote this image of a “good girl,” which cautions girls into more conservative behavior, we simultaneously spend our days pushing them to sleep with us.

“I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.” – Groucho Marx

0A9A9933Guys, if you don’t like girls that sleep around, then it would only make sense for you to stop sleeping with girls – because unless you’re going to marry her, YOU are your own spoiler.

Comically, guys (that do have Victorian age standards for women) will tell me about how they found this “good girl” who is absolutely amazing in bed. All I can do is laugh. The whole time I’m thinking to myself, “Moron, where do you think she learned all those tricks you love…church?!”

The more sex a person has, the better they get in bed and the more fun sex with them becomes. This goes for both guys and girls. Whether a person acquires that experience with one partner or 100 partners should not matter. Because the only thing that does matter is what kind of person he or she has become through all of his or her life experiences – in and out of the bedroom.

I don’t know about you, but the best people in my life have been those who actively try to experience everything, regardless of any oppressive societal standard.

However, if you completely disagree and do find innocence and purity to be the most attractive quality that a girl or guy could possess, don’t worry because there are thousands of others around the world who feel the exact same way.

…Most of whom are lawfully forbidden from elementary schools.

Moto on Santorini

– Sepp

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