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0A9A1849After spending a day wasting away in my room on Cromwell road, I decided to go across the road to see the carrousel glow…I could write a poem to accompany these pictures, but I’ll spare you – YOU’RE WELCOME.

Ever since arriving in London I’ve been fairly down on the place – even though I shouldn’t be, because I know it’s an amazing city…but for whatever reason it just hasn’t felt like my city.  So, with only a month left till I return home after a long time away, I’ve decided to give London a second shot by putting in the extra effort to “make it” my kind of city.

Muse-2DON’T BE ALARMED, but I’ve learned that when I’m most happy, I exhibit all the stereotypical behaviors of someone who is suicidal…I spend excessive amounts of time by myself; I over analyze things; I give away the possessions that I believe are important to me; my mood is as variable as the weather; and nine times out of ten I’m intentionally putting myself in danger.

0A9A1812Tonight…the greatest danger I faced was setting my tripod up REALLY, REALLY close to the edge of the road as black taxis wizzed by at like, 25-miles an hour…so yea, not exactly an adrenaline junky’s dream.  HOWEVER, I was able to fulfill some of my other favorite criteria.

0A9A1838After recognizing that boredom had crept upon me I took a late night stroll across – the street – to the Natural History Museum of London. A few nights earlier I had seen a carrousel glowing behind the iron gates.  And since then I’ve been waiting for a cold and clear night to pay a visit with my camera…I don’t know why it had to be cold – it just seemed right.

0A9A1832The colors are rich and dim and the gold’s luminance enhances the darks.  For the first time in a long time…I”M VERY HAPPY with a shoot.  Carrousels are so fun look at, because they are eerie and beautiful – very exotic in their own way.



– Sepp

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