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0A9A2607Three days ago I read something that stung.  It was in a short book about not-for-profit management.  The author was telling a personal story, and the beginning went like this.

“He turned towards me and said, “You spend a lot of time trying to be interesting.  Why not spend some time being interested?”

Some things take your breath away with beauty, and others with laughter.  However this was a punch in the gut.  And now looking back over my past several months of writing, I believe I spent too much time trying to be interesting.

Our thoughts and actions are rarely in-line with one another.  While the goal of my writing has long been experience based, I believe that I’ve blurred the line between concept and experience – which is a distinction that is very important to keep clear.

The consist occurrence of extraordinary experiences that I have lately grown accustomed to has begun to slow down; at least for now.  And I feel that I’ve tried to compensate for that – in ways – by over tapping those prior experiences.  They haven’t become stale, yet, but if I continue to do so they most definitely will.

0A9A2420Things grow stale when they become old, or over-used.  And conceptual fodder always comes from experience.  Connecting this back to the earlier quote, if I continue writing about those things that happened, they will get stale – and I don’t want that to happen.  I need to find a new interest, and once again be interested.

Ironically…this is a conceptual article.  It’s not even really an article – more like a snippet of thought.  However, its purpose is to say my posting is going to become a little less frequent.  Hopefully, for a good reason.

For the past eight months I have written nearly every day for this blog…because I had things to write about.  Now I feel like I’ve been recycling material, which there is little to no value in.  And until I am once again “interested”, I’m not going to force out opinionated material for the hell of it.

Thanks for reading this far!

~ Sepp

2 comments on “Trying to Be Interesting – Instead of Being Interested

  1. natesse316 says:

    Along the lines of being a good listener, perhaps? At any rate, your blog posts are always a blessing to me, and a source of much food for thought. Keep being you.


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