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0A9A2897I’m back.  Back at school, and back to 32 – pieces of clothing that is.  I had let my minimalism slide over the last several months.  Picking up an item here or there thoughtlessly.  And I realized it when flying back from London – my bag wouldn’t close.  So yesterday, before hoisting up my duffle bag, I once again shed belongings.

32 is my number.  Pants, jackets, shirts, shoes, shorts, and so on.  It’s limiting, but plenty – specific, but general.  And even with only 32 items, there is still space for non-essentials…a silver studded sleeveless jacket and one-piece denim jumpsuit are still on my person.

0A9A3022I’m going to share a list of what those items are.  If anyone has ever contemplated what is “essential”, that list will represent the opinion of a 22-year old college student.  The reason behind my 32 is clarity.  Having fewer things to focus on so that my energies can be better employed where I want them.  Being a person whose mental state is easily affected by his environment, the concept of “minimal” helps me stay clean, organized, and calm.

0A9A3009Downsizing is something I encourage to everyone.  Simply, it makes life calmer.  Packing, and unpacking, my suitcase has never been more than a ten-minute affair.  Before it was attributable to carelessness, and now organization.  It has nothing to do with any anti-materialist philosophy of rebellion against consumer society.  It is only a life style choice, with the benefit of eliminating distractions.

0A9A3019I decided to re-downsize right before beginning my last semester in college for a reason.  Now more than ever I need to be clean, organized, and calm, as well as focused.  I feel cliché stating that my dream is to move to New York City – like an old time dancer or actor looking to make it in the “Big City”.  It is my dream though, and over the next four months I must find a way to get invited to the party.

The List

  • 5 Shoes
  • 2 Jeans (Black and Blue)
  • 2 Chinos (Navy and Beige)
  • 2 Shorts (Grey and Pink)
  • 3 T Shirts
  • 2 Knit Sweaters
  • 1 Light Hoodie
  • 4 Button Downs
  • 2 Blazers
  • 2 Leather Jackets
  • 1 Down Jacket
  • 1 Studded Vest
  • 1 Onsie
  • 1 Swim Trunk
  • 1 Sweat Pant
  • 1 Belt
  • 1 Scarf


– Sepp

2 comments on “Minimalist Update #4: Clean, Organized, and Calm

  1. MTM says:

    Did you see the movie into the wild?

    Another good story today. Great to finally meet you in person. Sorry we were so “old” on you




    1. Loved Into the Wild, Marty. A great film. And don’t worry about being “old” with me – it’s just as much of your job to do that as it is my job to be “young”.


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