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Before a conversation with my father several weeks ago I never considered a resume to be more than a list.  White paper, black text, and bullet points summarizing a persons greatest achievements.  They seemed so structured and generic, as though they simply served as a standardized life transcript to be sent to potential employers.  I’ve worked hard at making my resume as attractive as possible, but besides expanding the margins to where words nearly cascade off the page, I had never played outside the accepted boundaries.

The following is purely an idea – not a belief.  I have not fully made up my mind about it.  As important as it is to differentiate oneself from the crowd – particularly when looking for employment – it is undeniably necessary to accept an inevitable amount of necessary conformity.  Companies don’t just hire employees, they invest in them – and even the most aggressive investors try to minimize their risk.

Coming out of school with a degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management, I’m looking at careers in the Hospitality industry – among others.  And for the sake of self indulgence, I decided to play around on photoshop a few weeks ago and design myself a “creative resume”.  Since my focus was in Food & Beverage, I thought that there would be no way more fun to show it than by designing my own menu.

Sebastian Scholl - Hospitality Resume         I’m going to play with this more.  And watch carefully how people react to it.  However, I thought that it would be fun to share, and possibly inspire someone to see what they can do with their resume.

– Sepp

2 comments on “Demanding Attention: Creating A Resume that Explains You

  1. natesse316 says:

    This is absolutely brilliant! I love it! Keep being you, Seb!


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