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This post isn’t really an article, but an attempt at being funny.  A majority of my energy is spent obsessing over food.  Not in a way where I drool at the thought of double bacon cheeseburger.  Instead I tend to have sleepless nights wondering if the farmer I buy my milk from is using pesticides on his pastures.  Simply put, quality, quality, quality.

Egg Carton

I’m not old enough to say, “back in the day”.  However, from what I’ve collected, back in the day it was easier to find high quality foods.  Before toxic-pesticides and GMO’s were introduced, a carrot was a carrot, and an apple an apple.  Unlike today where grocery shopping for quality has little to do with making sure the a fruit is ripe and everything to do with reading the fine print.

milk labelFood labeling and distribution kills me.  The produce that I buy to make a simple salad has usually traveled on more ships and planes than I have, and labels might as well be written in Mandarin – because usually I can’t even pronounce the main ingredients.  Ignoring the fine print though, even the headings will exclaim, “Made Using Real Ingredients!”…and I find that alarming.

Untitled-1I have my arms around it now – I think – but I constantly wonder what the future of food quality will be, particularly labeling.  So I took a few minutes today to mess around on photoshop and make some phony food labels… hope you enjoyed them.

– Sepp

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