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0A9A1905-2Mondays and Wednesdays I stay in. Tuesdays are for karaoke night at T’s Pub. Thursdays are at Tavern in the Square. And Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are spent at either one of three popular clubs or a place just mentioned. This is my social calendar. This is my routine.

Truthfully, over the past four years I’ve earned a higher attendance record in regards to my social calendar than my academic one.  Almost never missing a “T’s Tuesday”, but finding it ever so difficult to fit a morning class into my busy schedule… I don’t think this is good or bad – it’s just what I chose. And what most of my friends chose as well.

I remember smirking as a Freshmen when I couldn’t answer the question, “what did you do last weekend?”.  I’d have no answer – I couldn’t remember.  But now I don’t smirk.  Nor do I find it funny.  Instead of being unable to remember wild weekends because they were filled with debauchery and drinking, it’s now simply because of routine.

Routine scares me – it allows you to stop thinking.  Instead of doing something for a purpose you do it because it’s routine.  Why was I at T’s last night?: Not because I felt like going out, but because it was Tuesday.  How was it?: I’m really not sure…it was T’s – not good, bad, fun, or boring, just T’s.

0A9A0607I’ve let routine replace choice. And because of that I feel like I’ve lost any and all purpose in being social.  I don’t go out to try new to things, to meet new people, to get laid, or even to have fun.  I just go out because that’s what I believe I’m supposed to do.  And when I get to where “I’m supposed to be”, I can usually be found standing by the bar with a glass of water in my hand. Standing by myself, surrounded by people I know, and counting down the minutes till last call.

At the end of the day, I believe that everyone I know feels this way.  We all go to where we do, not because that is where we want to be, because that is what we do.  And the one commonly held hope within everyone is, “I hope something different happens tonight.”

Instead of being proactive about finding a new experience, we sit back, order another round, and wait for it to happen to us.  And unless there is an earthquake, the night is almost guaranteed to go as expected. But I think that is what we want – to convince ourselves that we want something more but subconsciously accept our current situation. To live life hoping that things change instead of making things change.

Regardless, I want to wake back up – and snap out of the routine.

– Sepp

2 comments on “The T’s Tuesday Routine: Why the Fun has Ended but Nothing Has Changed

  1. Debra Scholl says:

    Love your post!


  2. Bill Argeros says:

    WAKE UP!!! Most are asleep. If your brave enough, read “Awareness – The perils and opportunities of reality” by Anthony deMello. Bill A.

    Sent from my iPhone


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