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I was blessed with decent looks and an occasionally charismatic attitude. That has been my only crutch to lean on in the social sphere – needless to say, homeschooling wasn’t exactly the best social and/or relationship prep course… Though after four years in college the endless optimism had for interacting with new people that all underclassmen embody has left me.  And with it has gone my charisma, leaving me with little more than a trendy hair cut and downcast attitude when it comes to being social.

I’m told that it comes with maturity and growing up, but I refuse to believe that. How terrible would it be to accept that age and enthusiasm have an inverse relationship – meaning that as one goes up the other goes down (and just to clear up any confusion for some of you, age only goes up…) Don’t get me wrong, I’m very social person. I’m found out more than in; however, it’s the fear of missing out that most often motivates me.

It’s easy to psychoanalyze anything social – just try talking to a girl about texting… One-thousand solid theories could be argued about this topic. My theory though is that I’ve become a slave to FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out).

I’m ashamed of the number of nights I’ve gone out simply because I was worried something would happen without me. And only because that number (of nights actually worth the money, time, and morning headache) is less than a fraction of a percent. There are few things I’ve wanted more in life than to regain consciousness on Aerosmith’s private jet headed for Berlin with Miley Cyrus passed out on my shoulder, but I might as well just start “investing” in the lottery.

It’s a frustrating situation. Always being restless, believing that something awesome must be happening somewhere you are not and then never being able to find that place. As though you are always running after rainbows but never finding the pot of gold.  However, almost all problems can be solved with a change of attitude.  And there is a change of attitude that I believe can be made to battle FOMO.

It’s not about “not giving a flapjack”… because I absolutely “give a flip”. It’s about focusing on making the place where the wild thing are exist wherever you are. When you are constantly searching you are rarely focused on where you are at the moment.  And the only times I have ever had that are worth remembering are those where I was fully consumed by the moment – not looking for something else, but making the most out of what I had, where I was.

I need to revisit that old mindset. The one I had four years ago. When I wasn’t worried about where I was going, but making the most out of exactly where I was.

– Sepp

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