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Dear Mom, Dad, family, and friends. I’m sorry that you all have to find out this way. However, I felt that it would be best for me to already have taken action on my plans than to have preemptively declared them, as well as for me to now state them publicly.

TO EVERYONE READING THIS ARTICLE, please know it was an April Fools prank…that was hugely successful 😉

This morning I boarded a plane for Switzerland, and don’t have any plans to return. Adele and I are stopping in Geneva to collect a few of her most cherished possession, and then quickly moving to one of the Greek islands I visited in my travels. I’ve been keeping in touch with the owner of a small hostel I stayed at while there, and he has promised that a job will be waiting for me when I arrive – simply so that I will be able to stand on my own two feet. Luckily, my minimalist lifestyle enabled me to execute on these plans with ease.

I’m sorry that I’m leaving school. However, we all know that it was never for me. Even though graduation is only five weeks away, it just seemed too great of a burden to bear. Plus, a degree is nothing more than a piece of paper. And any knowledge that a college education would have taught me I most definitely have learned by now.

I promise that no one will be hearing from me for any type of financial support. I’m too proud of a person to squabble like that. I’ve been setting aside a small portion of my allowance for the past year into a savings account that will allow us to live comfortably on the island for the first few months. After that, both Adele and I will hopefully have stable full time jobs at the hostel.

As you all can probably guess, for now I’m keeping our exact destination secret. Both Adele and I have agreed that we will need at least several years to get settled in, established in the community, learned the language, and have taken care of our greatest responsibility that’s soon to come.

Yes, as you can have guessed, Adele ‘s pregnant, and our plan is to handle this like adults. We’ve discussed every practical path to pursue with our situation. However, we believe that the logical and emotionally conscious decision is the one we are taking, And are confident that this will be best for the child, and to not be an embarrassment in our currently existing social circles.

I will keep taking pictures, writing the truth, and sharing my adventures.

Yours truly with ever lasting love.

~ the Scholls

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