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497279377In less than a month something called life is supposed to start. I’ve been told for awhile now that I’ve never actually experienced it. Once it starts, supposedly, times get tough. There is responsibility, obligation, commitment, and never again will I be “care free”. This life that I’m supposed to inherit has been most recently described to me in one short phrase, “the funs almost over.”

I’m not religious. Never have I come across something that I felt is worth believing in. However, while being an agnostic person, I have flirted with the idea of finding something to believe in – especially during times as unclear as now. Having a god, deity, and other type of north star to guide me through life sounds so convenient. And having something, really anything, to reassure my judgement seems like such a luxury.

But it wouldn’t be. Incorporating such a rubric into my thought and sight would bring me nothing more than a false sense of fulfillment. Really, it would mean that I gave up searching. Why? Because the strongest and most brave people – at least the ones who I view as having accomplished noteworthy goals, and from that were rewarded with a concrete sense of fulfillment – are not those who have something to believe in, but those who refuse to believe in certain things.

661717828Why do we say to someone who’s successful and happy that they are “living the dream”, and to someone who’s miserable and struggling that “that’s life”? It’s not because it’s true. It’s because we don’t want to believe that person “living the dream” could have been us. That we are somehow living in two different worlds, which would explain our two different lives. But the truth is that we live in the same world, and even though we are all dealt a different hand to play, it’s a round table that we are all playing at.

The fun’s not almost over. I refuse to believe that. The only way it will be over, is if I say it is – so why would I? The struggle we will all face in life is the struggle against those people who will try to define your life for you – and only by letting them will the “fun” be over. So stay strong, and fight that box that society will try to draw around your life – because as long as you are outside of it, life…will be worth living.

~ Sebastian

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