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SunsetI told a handful of folks that I was to drive up to Lake Placid. My father had asked me to meet him there, and a dear family friend had invited us as their guests. Every response came as a sort of panic. “You’re kidding?”, “Miami to Lake Placid?” It was only after the first encounter that both parties had learned something new – I learned that there is a Lake Placid, New York, and them that one also exists in Florida.SebastianFrom Miami it takes little more than two hours of reckless driving to get a person there. And the highway cuts remarkably straight through the sugar cane fields and swamp. Straight in a way that can have you believe you’re making no progress, as the only distinguishable milestone is the horizon, and it never does get closer. After a hundred miles or so forward you appear in lake country. A wonderful environment that Florida is home to yet few people acknowledge.

MerretOur dear family friend(s) is the Fay family. Several of my childhood summers were spent vacationing with the Fays’ in Melbourne (and again the confusion…Melbourne, FL) learning to skim board, surf, and be beat down by the ocean waves. I’d accredit the time I spent with them for having cultivated in me a love for the beach. One where no matter how crisp my skin burnt or sore my body felt, I rather swim than recover.

Family PhotoThe Fays’ have a very unique claim to fame. Like father like son, like mother like daughter – they are the only family around in which the whole family is sponsored for competitive wake-boarding. Dedicating a month of each summer to the lake, and countless weekends, each one of them can turn heads when trailing behind the boat.

MarlaIt was a relaxing way to spend several days, before rushing off to the airport – which is where I am now. Monsoon rains hit my plane moments before boarding, affording me a bit more time in Miami’s charming international airport…

Thank you Mike for a fantastic weekend!


RustyI hope you enjoy the pictures. Updates for The World Coffee Expo in Rimini, Itally, and adventures in Athens, Greece will be coming soon.

~ Sebastian

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