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Two double shots of espresso were set in front of me. One made from an El Salvadorian washed coffee, and the other a Brazilian natural. The Las Delicias from El Salvador was noted as having hints of chocolate and caramel, while the Mococa differed with impressions of vanilla, honey, cinnamon, and bread crust. As I sipped, the barista studied my reactions.

“You like acidity”, he told me. It wasn’t a question, but a statement. And he said it in a way that made clear he knew something about me that I did not. So I stupidly looked up and replied, “yes”. Minutes later, another double shot was set in front of me.

“What’s this?” I asked. “Mococa, but extracted by a different method”. I asked what was differently, but he told me to try it first. So I did. And the aromas were more vibrant, the taste less bitter, a stronger acidity – and sure enough I, he was right, I liked it more than the first two.

“So, what was the difference?” I inquired.

“I brewed it using 94.5 degree water instead of 95 degrees”…

I was at Tailor Made, Greece. The world famous coffee and cocktail collaboration at which Athens travelers and locals come to wake up, stay up, and be out. Using a small roasting machine in their attic they spend seven to eight hours everyday roasting small batches of specially coffee. And then bring it back down to the always busy store floor.

The mornings are for coffee, and the evenings for cocktails. Time infused honey syrups, ginger beer foams, and rose water sprays are just a few of the fun tricks they have up their sleeves. Steve, one of their skilled bartenders, never ceased to awe us with a concoction.

Ninety Plus is the only company in the world to sell Gesha Coffee Flower. True to its name…it is the dried flower of the gesha  variety coffee plant. It is a very difficult flower to pick, because if not done correctly it is bruised and ruined. And because of this, it holds a retail market value of $16,000 per kilo.

We happened to be carrying some of it with us in Athens. And thought it would be fun to pull an extraction and see what cocktails the Tailor Made guys could whip up – check it out.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

~ Sebastian

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