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Dear Friends, Family, and Followers,

A new blog was born the other day. I’ve named it the Five Dollar Feast. It’s a good blog…and my goal is to have it grow to more than just tantalizing pictures and a magnificently detailed biography about one mans journey to becoming obese. That’s not the vision.

This is the vision. That Five Dollar Feast becomes the budget dinning guide. A review site and map tool that helps people find great meals to eat for just $5.00. For now the restaurant reviews are simply in NYC and Brooklyn. But wait, oh just you wait! It’s going to become much more fun than just that.  Thank you for your continuing support! My Name’s Sebastian was visited by over 50,000 people last year…and that was pretty much just me talking about my feelings, hah. While I’ll still be contributing to My Name’s Sebastian, your support and involvement in Five Dollar Feast would be ever so helpful. In the first two weeks over 1,000 people have visited Five Dollar Feast’s website, its Instagram photos have received over 1000 favorites, and 150 people have followed @FiveDollarFeast on social media. And that momentum doesn’t need to stop!

If you’re wondering how to jump on the band wagon, well, start here.

1) Please like the official Five Dollar Feast Facebook Page by following this link: Five Dollar Feast Facebook

2) You can follow Five Dollar Feast on both Instagram and Twitter at @FiveDollarFeast

3) And of course, you sharing any Five Dollar Feast content within your own networks would be truly appreciated!

If anyone is in New York and would like to feast, do not hesitate to reach out! I’m always down to take someone out on a cheap date…

Thank you,

Sebastian L. Scholl: Contact

3 comments on “Five Dollar Feast – A poor mans dinning guide

  1. natesse316 says:

    This is outrageously AWESOME, Sebastian! Thanks so much! Already signed up and liked the page…..:) Looking forward to some $5 feasts in Florida, if you make it down this way! Maybe we’ll see you on the Food Network someday?


    1. That so nice. AND THAT BE SO COOL. Thank you for always supporting! And yes, hopefully Florida someday!


      1. natesse316 says:

        You are most welcome, dear Sebastian. I can only hope and pray that my three babies, aged 13, 14, and 15 years old, will also attain to your level of critical thinking. No borgs in this house! LOL! BTW, I just stumbled upon some of your musings at GJWHG. I had no idea you wrote for them, and I am so impressed! You have wonderful parents, who have raised a wonderful son. May the Lord continue to bless you in all that you do, and I will continue to ponder and enjoy your musings on life…..:)

        Liked by 1 person

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