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What exists absent acknowledgment? Many things, surely. Yet when it comes to our own person, I wonder.

We tend towards evaluating our emotions through fairly strict rubrics. Each of us quick and certain when recognizing something felt as happiness, sadness, fulfillment, emptiness, love, hate, and so forth. We learn to channel those feelings into categorical buckets, towards which we adopt default attitudes – as opposed to closely evaluating the feelings being categorized. Influencing us to gauge our own emotional health by estimating those buckets’ weights.

There is a consciousness for interpreting emotions we often confuse for being one itself and view as something out of our control. Because of this tendency we become marionettes, puppeted by our own routine interpretations of life’s countless influences.

At times we experience fulfillment from resentment, sorrow from happiness, inspiration from emptiness, and other heart-felt impressions that so honestly contradict their influences. From those, we’ll arrive at crossroads. Crossroads where the interpretation of what’s happened cannot be decided by any subconscious routine. Contradicting emotions call upon the individual to be just that, an individual, and consciously choose how an experience will affect them.

We wish our trained subconscious would handle such situations. Being that thoughtful resolutions are often  convoluted variations of the solutions our routines decisively arrive at. Though ridding yourself of that responsibility is such a disservice. Permitting routine thought to interpret life for you comes at the cost of accepting the world as you’ve been conditioned to view it in perpetuity.

It’s an awareness that should be developed. An awareness that enables acknowledgement and interpretation not of occurrences but outcomes. Most are highly aware of the experiences that happen to them. Few take the time to reflect on how their experiences effect them. Fewer take ownership of such outcomes. Accepting it as their own responsibility to choose how they will be effected, positively or negatively, by happenstance.

There’s no controlling life’s sentences. Only our handling of them. Victims are more so of mindset than circumstance.

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