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From my own extremely rudimentary understanding of it, Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems a somewhat misleading name for what could more accurately be dubbed Artificial Wisdom. Being programs sharpened by experience, and through that experience maturing to embody an almost 6th sense intuition within their respective fields.

Human intelligence is extremely fluid and perpetually being redefined within the cultural boundaries of genius and insanity. At the same time, we attempt to peg definitions of genius and insanity to our understanding of intelligence. Creating tail chasing labor when aiming to establish any reliable definitions for these concepts, which many of us rely on when establishing self-worth.

In contrast, our understanding of wisdom is well formed. Wisdom is a product of experience, to which we’ve long viewed age (time) the only means of cultivation. When a young person exudes wisdom – challenging our understanding of attainment – we rationalize by labeling them “beyond their years”. The response is a defense mechanism, really. One to save ourselves from having to challenge an internalized understanding of how wisdom develops.

What is an experience? Simply, a collection of inputs. It’s data we collected through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and tongue – among other, for lack of a better word, receptacles – and then in some way process and store. Over a person’s life millions of experiences are committed to memory. Each of them slightly sharpening our understanding of how the world ebbs and flows. Wisdom is that intuitive understanding of life that advantages the most common 80 year old over the most brilliant 8 year old. A personal network of references for understanding how things happen and predicting life’s most likely outcomes.


A good way to conceptualize much of what’s being called AI is as a wise elder of common intelligence. It’s their volumes of experiences that have developed in them a predictive wisdom for life and it’s outcomes. Even the most intelligent youth couldn’t nearly fathom or relate to the vastness of information they’ve observed and absorbed over so many years. Yet instead of millions of experiences over a lifetime, an AI is privileged to absorb billions of data points in mere seconds. Emboldening them with an almost intuitive understanding of just how something (their specific field) might just play out.

AI’s for now are no more intelligent than the average person. Intelligence may not even be a relevant concept when relating to them. What they are is infinitely wiser within narrow fields. Having obtained countless relevant examples (experiences) within a single domain, and from that developed a better intuition than any human specialist could ever hope to achieve during the course of their own lifetime.

However, from my own limited experiences, even I am wise enough to predict AW being a significantly less attractive buzzword than AI.

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