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Were I to visualize with a bar chart the posts published on my_names_sebastian, it would resemble the Dutch Tulip Bubble. My most refined insights were shaped back when I wrote and published daily. Had I only knew my muse then, I’d have kept it around.
Imagination propagates in a vacuum. Inside the mind, constraints are optional. A favorite author of mine, Neal Stephenson, articulates this best, writing that, “until a man is twenty-five, he still thinks, every so often, that under the right circumstances he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world”. Depending on one’s propensity for risk, things imagined are sufficiently fulfilling. Sparing them from the labor involved in actualizing those imagined things.
At the risk of being overly abstract, image a room absent gravity that’s filled with orbs. The orbs hover several or more feet above a concrete floor. Each orb is made of a material that varies in strength. Despite exhaustive analysis, there is only one way to discover the strength of any orb; it’s to introduce it to gravity. Whether or not that happens is your choice.
In this surreal visualization exercise, the room is your mind. Each orb being an epitome of one belief, thought, or opinion you hold – owing its existence to an environment that’s unconstrained by a most fundamental property of the universe. Meaning that, any orb’s survival could depend entirely on evading reality.
Granted, I’ve not conducted any surveys. However, I’d bet that, given the choice, an overwhelming majority would abstain. Relishing the perfection that can only be found in things imagined. The threat posed by reality shattering any conceptual epitome is epic. It’s a certain type of sadist that enjoys the process of self-led idea smashing. Those who repeatedly do so and persevere onward with the ideas that land solid, to reap real-world value, define miracle.
Publishing thought articles and having engaged conversations, at least for me, introduces gravity. Articulating one’s ideas, beliefs and opinions, by mouth or text, will collide what’s expressed against potentially shattering forces. Galvanizing the bricks with which we build our perceived reality; paving the way for more grounded and honest interpretations and insights into the world we share.

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